With these Machaca Beef Pitas we took a great base recipe here and made it a little healthier yet equally delicious. These pitas are bursting with a smoky and slightly spicy flavor. Using pitas instead of French bread loaves makes them less bread heavy and really perfect for meal prep because the pita gets less soggy than bread would sitting in the fridge for a couple days. We also use grass fed and finished beef which increase the healthy aspect of the meal and gives you a better quality cut. As always we love our friends at Wholly Cows roast as they are juicy and packed with flavor. You just can’t go wrong. Pair these with your favorite vegetable side or pick one of our recipes to try to round out your meal.

Lone Star Pot Roast is an easy recipe that packs a lot of flavor for very little work.

I love how roast is so versatile. This was a new recipe for me and I made some tweaks to make it a healthier option and it turned out really good. I was impressed with the flavor and how easy it was to pair with any sides really. It will definitely be one that is in the future rotation.

So many pesto recipes involve chicken that we went on a mission to develop one with beef. With that we wanted to keep the healthy factor of our grass fed and finished beef we use from Wholly Cow but add some seasoning to make it more like an Italian sausage blend without all the extra grease of pork sausage. And thus this recipe was born. It is pretty straight forward but creates a  healthy recipe for those Italian food lovers out there. Want to try your hand at making your own pesto? Try our basil pesto recipe.

Just found out a couple weeks ago that Wholly Cow‘s roasts may be my new favorite cut of meat from them. I love how easy it is to throw a roast in the crock pot to cook all day. Then you can just shred it to use in all kinds of dishes. This recipe turned out absolutely delicious. It has the perfect juicy flavor with the beef.  If you love Asian food it has a great blend of spices. And if you like a little kick, that sriracha on top at the end is perfect. It was also so easy to prepare after the meat got all tender from cooking all day.

Growing up I was not a huge chili fan but as I have gotten older I have learn to really love it, especially as we move into colder fall weather. This year our group here decided to participant in a local chili cook off and this meant coming up with a homemade recipe that really kicked butt.

For the base of this recipe we actually used a lot of the same ingredients we use in our Beef Mexican Bowls. I wanted something that focused on the beef we have here because our Grass Fed and Finished Ground Beef from Wholly Cow has phenomenal flavor. To add a pop of color and get those vegetables in, we added lots of different colored peppers to the mixture. The jalapenos and spices add enough heat to build and give it a kick without burning off your taste buds. If you are not a fan of spice you may want to omit the jalapenos and decrease the chili powder and chipotle chili powder. We included fire roasted tomatoes because I personally like the extra flavor they bring but you can always use just diced tomatoes.

The order you cook in is really important. Cooking your vegetables first will make sure they are done where they are not too crunchy. Then browning the meat will insure it is cooked all the way through. You want to add the spices next so they really coat your vegetables and meat and seals the flavor in. This helps it from getting diluted when you add the tomatoes, beans and broth next. Making sure you bring to a boil and then simmer for at least 30 minutes will make sure all the flavors cook together and the beans soften. You can definitely simmer longer. The balsamic vinegar at the end helps to balance out the acidic flavor of the chili.

We have found with this recipe that if it sits a couple days in the refrigerator after making it the flavor just gets better. It is like all the flavors have more of a chance to marinate and blend. Hope you love it as much as us. Let me know your thoughts!

This beef taco bowls recipe is a classic recipe of mine that I developed a long time ago. So, when KNeticx came to be, naturally it had to be our first original recipe. Now, I looooove Mexican food but it is not always the healthiest or easiest to take as leftovers for lunches. So, I went on a mission to create something that would be delicious, healthy, and portable. This fits in great with our mission to Be Better, Feel Better. When we take the time to put good food in our body it is amazing the benefits you will see. Bonus, this recipe is quick and only takes one pot to cook everything in. Score!

While this recipe was originally made years ago, some tweaks were made to create something that could be mostly locally sourced and use high quality products. These products have been carefully chosen for our store because we love using them and I know you will too. However, feel free to substitute out with some of your favorite products as you like.

For example, you will notice we have quite a few ground beef recipes on our website. That is because we use Wholly Cow’s grass fed and finished beef. Matt and Michelle Canny out of Johnson, KS really know how to raise their cattle to not only provide a quality product but one with unbelievable flavor. Any time I use ground beef, they are my go-to and we carry their products in our store for that very reason. I also take the time to get their soup bones so I can have homemade broth on hand for recipes like this. Makes all the difference in the world if you have the time to make your own. I usually make a big batch and freeze about 8 cups in a gallon freezer bag so I can easily pull out and thaw when needed.

If you are not in Wichita, you can see if you are close enough for them to ship their product to you here: https://whollycowmarket.com/

For the salsa, I love Y’et Yet’s. My personal favorite is the habanero but for those of you that cannot handle your spice, he makes delicious salsa from a very mild level of chip dip and corn salsa to your spicier blends like jalapeno and habanero. I love that his salsa has a rich flavor with a kick at the end. It added depth to these beef taco bowls. If you are not in the Wichita area, you can try his product here: https://yetyet.com/

You will notice the vegetables will bring a bright color to the bowl and brighten the meal up. Have fun with this one and add some of your favorite toppings. I love to add a little cilantro or avocado to mine. You can even throw some lettuce in there after you heat it up to get some more greens. Enjoy!

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